Friday, January 4, 2013

Loose Flowers

My first attempt of a flower composition. On a half sheet of cold press Arches.


  1. This piece was just accepted in a show with the SWA.


  2. Hello

    On behalf of the Society of Watercolor Artists, we thank you for your entry to our 2013 International Juried Exhibition.

    Our Juror, Joyce Hicks, had hundreds of images to preview as she made her selection for those 50 pieces to be included in the show. Imagery came from as far away as China, Malaysia, Italy, Hawaii and many states in the US.

    When we send our juror the images, they receive only the image, an identification number and the title. We feel this system provides a more objective viewing for the juror. In fact, she will not see any artist name associated with the pieces until she comes to the Central Library in Fort Worth to view the exhibition in place and select the winners.

    Below is a list of those images chosen for the SWA 2013 International Juried Exhibition. We congratulate those named below and encourage everyone to enter again next year.

    Hugh Heaton-- Flower


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