About Me (under construction)

One of the earliest art instruction books I had was this gem.  The Easy Way To Draw was a fun learn-to-draw book which had Woody Woodpecker and his friends teaching kids how to draw.  I lost my copy years ago but I found another on ebay.

A sample page

Another inspiration was this August, 1963 issue of National Geographic.  This issue had a great feature on Walt Disney which included a section on how to do animation.  I still have my dad's copy plus I bought a few extras at several used book stores.  I was and still am a big Disney fan.

As a 6th grader I took art lessons at St. Johns Art Museum in Wilmington, NC.  The instructor was Hester Donnely.  I also studied with Hillary Worthington at his home and Robby Nurnberger also at his home.

Here is an example of what I was doing when I was 16.  The shop where I was showing my art work framed this for me.  He used old barn siding he had.

I later studied at UNCW with Claude Howell, http://www.galleryc.net/claude-howell.html

I also studied with many gifted artists at East Carolina Univeristy http://www.ecu.edu/soad/ including Mr. Ed Reep, http://www.pbs.org/theydrewfire/artists/reep.html , Mr.  Clarence Morgan http://clarence-morgan.com/ and Mr. Paul Hartley http://www.cityartgreenville.com/paulhartley.html..

    My senior poster at East Carolina.

I have reviewed my portfolio of art work from East Carolina and found a few items which I will post here.  The drawing above is from a series of figures (and their muses) from art history.  I actually forgot who this was, maybe someone from the Dada period from the early 20th century.  I forgot that I even did this piece.

This drawing is from an old photo of my great-grandparents which I cut up and spliced back together.  This is also from my days at East Carolina and below is the second effort.

                                       And the third.

A watercolor on Arches 140 lb paper.

A watercolor with color pencil on 140 lb Arches paper.

A drawing on Arches paper.

A drawing from figure class.

A canvas in the style of my graduate show.

My teachers from art school in western wear.  Ed Reep (with cigar) is still alive and he was a WWII artist.  Paul Hartley recently past away (2nd. from right)..