Saturday, October 23, 2010

This may be a painting. This is at The Market in Charleston, SC.


  1. Is this your photo Hugh? Man we just got back from 5 days at Edisto Beach SC and I just bought a sweetgtass bracelet for Ann (it's a secret) and got to talk to my favorite lady - a sweetgrass weaver named Lillian Howard - I've done two paintings of her so far and took a couple of reference shots for yet another.

  2. This is with my iphone which did look better smaller. I still have family in Charleston, SC and we usually visit each year, this pic was taken last year. We have a few of these baskets and I remember when they were not such a collectable. My sister has an unreal collection of these baskets too.
    BTW, I visited Herb P. at the College of Charleston back in 2006.

  3. This is too cool. I might be hitting you up for reference shots - do you have a bunch posted anywhere?

  4. We have a small collection of baskets - bought our first probably 20 years ago for about 30 bucks - the same basket (now that they are being collected world-wide) would prob gop for 100 easy.


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